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What is Nebula?

Nebula is an open source Rolemaster character creator and maintainer. The goal of nebula is to allow you to totally manage your Rolemaster characters electronically. Additionally as part of nebula there are other programs to help manage the various data files and produce content for distributing amongst the RM community.

You can find a list of features and bugs on the features page. Details of the format for data files can be found in the XML directory - see XML for details. A few screenshots are available in the screenshots directory.

Additionally some questions are answered in the faq


Currently Nebula has only been tested on a x86 Linux box, previous versions ran on FreeBSD, and windows. It uses Gnome libraries and is compatible with Gnome 2. It uses the GTK+ 2. Additionally Xalan, sablotron or similar XSLT processor may be useful for the output.

Getting Nebula

Nebula is currently hosted on sourceforge. The best bet is to get a copy of the cvs version from there. Instructions on getting an anonymous cvs checkout are available on sourceforge.

A tar.gz of the 0.2.0 release is also available. It is downloadable in two parts. The first is at: downloads/nebula-0.2.0.tar.gz. This contains the source files and example characters for Nebula. The second is the data files which are at: downloads/nebula-data.tar.gz. These files are copyright ICE and can only be used if you own RMSS or RMFRP source books.

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